Ex on the beach an axe already?

by tappingthroughtheheel

Everyone loves a cringe dating TV series especially one containing a z list celebrity and some extremely large egos.

Ex on the beach claims to be the new dating show where singletons can find love, situated somewhere near a hot beach in an idyllic location. However this programme has a twist. As the days go by the unbeknown contestants will be faced with the appearance of a dreaded ex partner also on the island to find love, will they find each other again or will there be tears?

Now within the first three episodes there was naked shenanigans and girl on girl arguments over guys and it left me laughing at my TV screen, the programme is the tackiest of tacky and nothing and i mean NOTHING is off camera. However i keep finding myself continuing to tune in…

Why? Because its clearly a staged programme much like all the other reality shows currently filled with young males and females desperate to make some cash and embarrass themselves and their families in the process.


My opinion? tune in if you want to make yourself feel good.