by tappingthroughtheheel

A charity very close to my heart are raising awareness this month, specifically THURSDAY 13TH MARCH.

World Kidney Day is an annual global awareness, raising knowledge and importance to the life of your kidneys, how you can look after yourself and the risk factors of kidney disease – you might just save a life.


Kidney Research UK are raising awareness during the month of March with several events and activities planned, however just by wearing something purple of Thursday 13th March (World Kidney Day) you can show your support and raise awareness for a hugely important cause!


  • At least one million people in the UK with moderate to severe kidney disease have not yet been identified.
  • Almost 20,000 additional heart attacks and strokes are seen every year in people with moderate to severe chronic kidney disease.
  • 20% of people with kidney failure are only referred to a specialist when their kidneys have already completely failed and their outcome is poor
  • In the UK more than 26,000 adults are currently receiving dialysis treatment for kidney failure and this number is increasing every year
  • Over 6,000 kidney patients in the UK are awaiting a kidney transplant, but due to the shortage of organ donors one person a day, dies while waiting
  • Acute kidney injury (AKI) results in up to 43,000 preventable deaths every year.

Prepare to pose in Purple,
And don’t forget to post them on Kidney Research UK, Facebook and Twitter pages too.  #GoPurple

To find out more visit http://splashurl.com/lf2lt4x