by tappingthroughtheheel

Crowd falls crazy in love with Mrs Carter.

beyonce:The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Birmingham 2014Photo Credit: Robin Harper 

I was lucky enough have tickets for the Beyoncé concert in Birmingham this week and i was super excited to see her finally, after hearing rave reviews from friends of mine about the ‘Queen B’ of pop. And she DID NOT disappoint! The show was full steam ahead from the minute the logo encrusted curtain lifted to reveal Beyoncé belting out ‘run the world (girls)’ fitting for the majority female audience who were on their feet singing and dancing all night long. Although used effectively the staging was surprisingly simply which only highlighted Beyoncé’s fierce presence much more, with an all female incredibly talented live band to her two twin male dancers who kept the crowd entertained between outfit changes, everything was FLAWLESS in the words of the queen herself. The introduction of new songs was hugely welcome by myself personally as i love the new visual album and her vocals were absolutely out of this world, especially when she sang a rendition of Whitney Houston ‘i will always love you’ which gave me goosebumps, the atmosphere was unreal.

Photo: Pa Photos

Two things are undeniable about Beyoncé. First, the voice – her vocals for the entire evening were sublime and effortless. Combined with some impressive choreography, Beyoncé is one helluva performer. Even when on stage by herself, Beyoncé is a captivating performer and doesn’t need ostentatious set pieces to give a memorable performance. Secondly, there’s her star quality and charm. In those moments engaged with the audience, Beyoncé’s warmth poured out of her, undoubtedly aided by her Texan drawl and infectious smile that you cannot help but fall in love with.

What IS she doing?: Beyonce Knowles shared this photo of herself straddling a prop during the European leg on her Mrs Carter World Tour which kicked off Thursday

On the fashion front – the costume changes were all seamless with little interruption, from ghetto glamor to full on sophistication the outfits were impeccably thought out and fitting. And one thing is for sure, Beyoncé would look good in a plastic bin bag, her body is INCREDIBLE and envious and i will one hundred per cent be going to see her again…