Moss. Lottie Moss.

by tappingthroughtheheel

Surely Kate Moss’ stunning features couldn’t possibly run in the family right? WRONG.


Lottie Moss younger sibling of the famous Kate has recently signed to Storm Model Management, ironically the same management as her supermodel sibling. At just 16 years old its hard to believe this striking female has just released her first portfolio and yet is still in education completing her exams which is said to be her main focus currently.
Lottie was just 13 years of age when she was spotted at her famous sisters wedding in July 2011. At just 5’5″ she is considered slightly short for a model in comparison to Kate’s diminutive 5’8″ however those striking cheek bones surely outweigh a minor eventuality that can be fixed in a pretty pair of designer stilettos.

With blonde hair and wide blue eyes, will her fresh-faced, English-rose appeal prove as much of an asset to her as it did a young Kate?