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Month: January, 2014

Gingham Galore

The quintessential summer trend. This season designers and retailers are playing off the past and reviving the sweet check.


The high-street understands this dull time of the year and rather than continue to display weather-appropriate wardrobe inspiration, pastel threads, bikinis and sun-soaked campaign imagery are released. The perfect trend to adapt to any silhouette, Gingham sees garments each bringing their own statement to the party. The charming checked print that’s been championed by the fashion set throughout the ages is the new plaid, and comes complete with a storied history worth exploring. The catwalk saw a vast array of interpretations on this multi versitile spring/summer number From Balmain’s black and white, to Carven’s pastel pallettes, Cowgirl check has a wit and frivolity that lightens any mood. Gingham for grown ups!

gingham 2Early adopter celebrities have fast interpreted this trend into their day to day summer wear in the sunnier climate of The United States with Katie Holmes being snapped in a classic gingham number last month in New York. The high street have swiftly jumped on this trend with key pieces appearing this month throughout a variety of brands from higher priced Topshop to inexpensive retailers such as Primark and Matalan, proving this cute girly trend is available for any age, any shape, and more importantly any budget. Here are a few of the sickly sweet offerings doing Gingham justice on the high street this week;

gingham 1Topshop Gingham Shirt £32.00

penneys_81121944885574Primark Gingham Midi Skirt

matalan_105134857652953Matalan Gingham Skirt

25T32FMUL_largeTopshop Boutique Contrast Gingham Shirt £75

penneys_811211127657195Primark Gingham Contrast Collar Shirt

How will you be wearing yours?….



of Wall Street!!


I went to watch the famous Wolf of Wall street last night at the cinemas after all the hype surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio and Margo Robbie’s performance, it did not disappoint, I almost forget just how incredible Leonardo is. The film is based upon a true story lifting the lid on the 90’s security fraud scandal which was orchestrated by a hard-partying stockbroker. Leo plays Jordan Belfort who appears to have it all, fast cars, luxury yachts, hot women and endless reserves of money earned by ruthlessly swindling investors. However with the FBI closing in the dynamic banker looks set the face jail.

Directed by Martin Scorsese this film is fantastically brilliant full of hilarious moments and eye candy for both men and women, Margot Robbie plays Jordan Belforts wife excellently and is the definition of a sexy woman with a strong will and as for Leonardo DiCaprio he is certainly back at his best and this film is undeniably brilliant.


Khlomar no more?

The Kardashians are frequently at the forefront of news across the world with their daily drama and family shenanigans.

So it was to no surprise when it was reported that Khloe Kardashian and her famous basketball hubby Lamar Odom were having marriage troubles due to his increasing drubs and alcohol issues.

I have to confess i am a avid fan of the Kardashian show purely down to the entertainment it provides and the luxury lifestyles they lead, however through recent times it has been increasingly documented that Lamar has suffered a troubled upbringing my alcohol and drug depend parents, and as much as Khloe was a positive influence against this however it was only a matter of time as to when Lamar would succumb to the addictive personality traits of his parents.

With an increasing number of cryptic instagram pictures and tears shed throughout this current series of the Kardashians, it is clear Khloe is devastated that she could not help Lamar defeat his demons. However there is only so much one person can take surely? and with the press following her every move i wonder, do celebrities ever get to just put on a Rom Com and cry it out?



Moss. Lottie Moss.

Surely Kate Moss’ stunning features couldn’t possibly run in the family right? WRONG.


Lottie Moss younger sibling of the famous Kate has recently signed to Storm Model Management, ironically the same management as her supermodel sibling. At just 16 years old its hard to believe this striking female has just released her first portfolio and yet is still in education completing her exams which is said to be her main focus currently.
Lottie was just 13 years of age when she was spotted at her famous sisters wedding in July 2011. At just 5’5″ she is considered slightly short for a model in comparison to Kate’s diminutive 5’8″ however those striking cheek bones surely outweigh a minor eventuality that can be fixed in a pretty pair of designer stilettos.

With blonde hair and wide blue eyes, will her fresh-faced, English-rose appeal prove as much of an asset to her as it did a young Kate?

Perfection in a bottle?

I have been lusting over L’Oreal  Skin Perfection range since its hype back in July 2013 before its release in early September. Firstly its appealing pretty packaging makes it hard to miss on those crammed white shelves in Boots and you can envision it on your dresser before you have even chip and pinned. This collection is aimed at the 20-30 target market and promises to make your skin camera ready without the need for a whole lot of effort, what more could you want?


The product range aims to even tone, luminise, minimise pores and improve the texture of your skin. Having already tested out the fabulous face wipes which clear any ounce of make up and give your skin a soft silky feeling, i was intrigued as to how well the rest of the products work. I purchased the Correcting Day moisturizer and the Advanced Correcting Serum both designed to penetrate the skin and reduce pore visibility.

Just from my first application i can already see what fantastic quality the products really are, with just a small amount needed from both products your skin instantly feels silky and soft with no greasy residue or shiny appearance. It feels like a thirst clenching glass of water, a perfect base to apply your daily face.

So with my first few applications complete, this appears promising.

image (2)

I will keep all you beauty lovers updated….