New Year…

by tappingthroughtheheel

New Years Eve has became one of the most anticipated events through the years with outfit planning beginning at Christmas, every city hosting the ‘biggest’ and ‘best’ countdown night outs and the majority of the nation getting to0 drunk to remember who they kissed at midnight.

But is New Years Eve a memorable time for you? do you sit and write out some resolutions that you probably wont stick to? or do you take time to remember all the good and bad that has happened in the previous year and how you overcame it?

2013 was an extremely testing year for me emotionally due to family health, yet also one of the best years of my life in terms of experiences including living in London for a month and living with 7 of my closest friends during my second year at university. I think with anything in life it is a complete roller coaster full of ups and downs determined to test us and make us stronger along the way.

With the upcoming thought of my final year at university approaching i am definitely ready to put 2013 behind me changing me into a stronger person and appreciating the most important things in life instead of the superficial. 2014 is bringing graduation, travel and the big wide world… and im ready for it!!

I will  be bringing in the new year with two of my closest friends and housemates, these girls are my soul sisters and we will be clinking the champagne glasses at midnight in our favorite venue in Birmingham, Bambu.


Happy New Year