by tappingthroughtheheel


There is nothing like the feeling I get when I’m in London town..

Its home! After spending a month on placement in London this year i instantly fell in love with the whole package, the lifestyle, the way of life, the social aspect, all of it!
So every opportunity i get to go back there even for the day, i jump at the chance. This week was one of my closest friends 21st birthday and as a little surprise me and my friends decided to take her to London for the day for lots of fun birthday activities! First stop my favorite go to in London, The Victoria and Albert Museum. I had heard great reviews about the current exhibition ‘club to catwalk’ showcasing club fashion in the 1980’s and how it developed and It was fabulous!! Shockingly the outfits were not that far from today’s clubbing attire.


From Vivienne West wood to BOY London the exhibition showcased the best and worst, giving a real insight into past fashion. The exhibition space was one of my favorites with the balcony above creating two separate clean spaces, added on was also a little boutique shop were you could purchase everything from books to garments, all relating to 1980’s club fashion. I would definitely recommend a visit before it finishes in February 2014!

The Christmas lights were in full swing on Oxford circus and with Christmas display windows bursting out of every store, Christmas fever hit me.