Birmingham book heaven

by tappingthroughtheheel

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Who would have thought Birmingham would have such a piece of beauty as well as relevance to my third and final year at University. The new library of Birmingham opened a few weeks ago now and i was excited to go and explore after hearing fantastic reviews from friends of mine. It did not disappoint! The outside is a piece of architectural heaven with its bright colors and stand out style, however i did not expect the fantastic interior it was holding inside…

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Bold blue escalators greet you on each book filled floor with a modern yet sophisticated twist of what is a calm and peaceful environment and somewhere i will surely be spending a lot of time this year. As well as being a library it has also been made a social place for tutorials and book clubs with Big Brother like chairs and quiet ‘fish bowl’ study sections where you can shut the world out and immerse yourself in research. I would advise anyone who hasn’t been to definitely go and check it out even if your not a reading fan.