Feminism farce; Paris fashion week

by tappingthroughtheheel


‘My Scouseness came out..’

Paris fashion week roared into life last week, with drama for added effect. British Liverpudlian born model Hollie-May Saker just 18 years old had her dignity and grace put to the test as she modeled Nina Ricci for the first time, Ukrainian bare breasted feminist group ‘FEMEN’ invaded the catwalk in an attemptto steal the show with their harsh black slogans over their naked skin stating ‘Model go to brothel’ que screaming for effect. One female took hold of Miss Saker who punched the girl square in the nose in an attempt to release from her grasp. Scouse proud Hollie was furious that the females had attempted to steal her limelight and later tweeted about the mishap. Luckily security were on hand, and all calm was restored in Tuileries gardens, Paris.